Originally registered in June 1992, is one of the oldest and best domain names in the world. Being a Latin word and originated in Greek mythology, the word Atlas projects strength, admiration, credibility, and familiarity worldwide. But don’t take our word for it. From Atlas Copco to Atlas Energy, Atlas Venture to Atlas Solutions, it’s no surprise that tens of thousands of companies worldwide have made the word Atlas a significant part of who they are and what they do.


  • Category defining domain name
  • Instant authority, perceived market credibility, perceived market leadership, respect
  • Establish company, product or service dominance
  • Highly identifiable and recognizable globally
  • Commonly used in 100+ countries
  • Easy to spell / high memorability
  • Passes the ‘Radio test’ easily
  • Advantageous brand recall when advertised or marketed
  • Brand identity, recognition, positioning: For existing brands, the ideal brand re-enforcement
  • Marketability: Exciting branding or rebranding opportunity
  • Brand protection opportunity
  • search engine traffic opportunity: Over 10 million searches over the last 12 month for the word ‘Atlas’ across leading search engines
  • Search engine positioning: Historically exact match keywords are rated higher for relevancy, search engine placement
  • Advertising opportunity: Increased click-through rates due to user’s recognition, familiarity, trust, and respect.
  • Capture lost traffic: Existing brands which use inferior domain names lose direct traffic

What’s underneath the ground?

You surely are familiar with oil wells. Select few domain names offer similar characteristics, providing a natural resource flow like no other. The direct traffic the domain receives is a clear testament to its strength. Hundreds of thousands of visitors a year type into their browser’s address bar. No advertising, no traffic acquisition costs, this direct traffic is purely a natural resource owned by the domain name owner.


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